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Bar Mitzvah lessons

Bar Mitzvah lessons will vary in content based on the student's prior education and the goals that one wishes to reach. Goals will be set based on the student's prior Judaic knowledge and length of study for the Bar Mitzvah. From preparatory lessons to crafting the perfect speech, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step. The Rabbi can teach your son to read Hebrew, sing the Brachot for his Aliyah, read the Haftorah, the Maftir, a part of or the entire Torah portion. Lessons can also include preparing a Bar Mitzvah speech and how to lead the prayer services.

Part of each lesson will be dedicated to discussions on the deeper meaning of becoming Bar Mitzvah, as well as fundamental ideas and values of Judaism to give you a successful and meaningful Bar Mitzvah experience.

The lessons are given one-on-one by Rabbi Yossi and take place on a weekly basis.

Each lesson is 1 hour long at a cost of $35 per lesson.

Lessons in person are advisable. However, if it's not possible for you to attend, Online lessons are also available.

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