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Aleph Champ

Chabad Hebrew School is implementing the Aleph Champ Reading Program. Based on the martial arts philosophy of colour-coded levels and testing, the Aleph Champ program provides motivation and inspiration for students to succeed at their own pace. Children begin with the white level, practicing the first half of the aleph-bet and move through the ten levels, ending with reading fluently. Below, please find the break-down of the levels so you can see your child’s progress. Children will receive an Aleph Champ home kit so they can practice their level at home, and move ahead. Home kit items are to be returned to the school as the child moves ahead and are replaced with the next level items. Children will be tested three times a year and can move up a level at that time. They receive three stripes per level, to keep them motivated between testing times. Award ceremonies take place three times during the year, as is posted in the school calendar.

Aleph Champion Levels
White: Master first 18 letters of Aleph Bet

Red: Master all 32 letters of Aleph Bet

Orange: Master first 3 vowels with their letter combinations

Yellow: Master first 6 vowels with their letter combinations

Green: Master first 9 vowels with their letter combinations

Blue: Master all vowels and exceptions

Purple: Master basic prayers

Brown: Master reading higher level prayers

Grey: Master reading from the siddur in timed fashion

Black: Master reading 100 words per minute correctly

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