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Hebrew School


Hebrew Language Learning

Students engage in lively Hebrew learning through the competitive Aleph Champ program.

Torah and Jewish History

Our Torah classes cover the weekly Torah portions, progressing annually from the creation story to the Israelites' journey from the desert to preparing for entry into the Promised Land.

Holiday Celebrations

Throughout the year, students explore each Jewish holiday, from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays to Shavuot. They gain deeper insights into traditions and customs, with school-hosted celebrations for students and families.

Mitzvot: Understanding Our Practices

Why do women and girls light Shabbat candles? What makes Shabbat so special? Why do we affix a Mezuzah? Why is the bride veiled at a Jewish wedding? These classes teach fundamental mitzvot to younger students and delve into deeper meanings for older grades.

Siddur (Prayer Book) Skills

In addition to Hebrew proficiency, students in Grade 6 and above develop prayer fluency using the Siddur Tehilat Hashem by Kehot, chosen for its clear print, vowel markings, numbered lines, and English instructions. Siddur purchases benefit from a discounted bulk rate of $25 each.

Current Events and Israel

Senior students stay informed on Jewish and Israeli issues, discussing news clippings to deepen their understanding of global Jewish perspectives.

Arts and Crafts

Art projects, with Jewish holiday and mitzvah themes, enrich the curriculum, giving students tangible connections to Jewish traditions.

Extracurricular Activities

Chabad Hebrew School offers a range of activities like guest speakers, Shabbatons, field trips, and contests, providing holistic Jewish experiences inside and outside the classroom.

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